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Get That Eternal Glow & A Flawless Skin With Laser Toning
Get That Eternal Glow & A Flawless Skin With Laser Toning

Get That Eternal Glow & A Flawless Skin With Laser Toning

Aging has been a normal biological process which every living being goes through. As our biological clock keeps ticking, it leaves trails of wrinkles and pigmentation behind. It’s easy to accept the gracefulness of the aging process, but not the premature wrinkles and pigmentation. Dermatology and skin related procedures have been advancing at an impeccable pace and thus empowering dermatologists and patients with magic wands (or close to them) to fight their aging concerns. It is now the era of “non surgical” rejuvenation and not only the “knife” which can shed years from your skin. “Laser toning” OR “Dual toning” is one such procedure.

Laser toning comprises 2 main aspects:
a) Laser genesis – This is a mode which helps in tightening your open pores and your skin and provides a better texture to the skin.
b) The toning mode – This essentially tells your pigment cells to calm down and relax and provides you with instant brightening.
The above two comprise the “DUAL TONING” process and maybe combined with a carbon paste prior to the procedure which enhances the outcome of the procedure, particularly in patients with acne, as it has direct access to the sebaceous (or oil glands) which helps in sapping up the excess oil and exfoliates the skin.

A certified dermatologist would advise you for clinical procedures which are safe, effective and reliable for your skin health. Laser toning or carbon peel is a short duration procedure, which entitles you to return to normal activities post completion of the procedure.

At Dr. Kandhari’s Clinic, firstly, a comprehensive assessment of patient’s skin is done and it is only after this that Dr. Rajat would recommend a specific treatment for your skin concern after assessing your expectations and goals. The number of sittings required, the time taken, precautions and associated risks if any are all explained in detail and an informed consent is taken prior to any procedure.

Laser toning procedure can assure you of following advantages:

  • Correction of uneven skin tone and improved texture to the skin along with an “instant glow” thereby lending a youthful and even skin tone.
  • Improvement in open pores and fine lines after a few sessions.
  • Decreased pigmentation of the skin.
  • Laser toning has been advocated in acne and acne induced pigmentation or marks and provides a betterment of the same.
  • Laser toning maybe used for melasma or blemishes, albeit cautiously – The process can help diminish the blemishes, although do not guarantee a cure.
  • Increased collagen production can lend elasticity to the skin and thus wrinkles and fine lines are improved.

Laser toning or carbon peeling appears to be a safe procedure with minimal downtime for the young, enterprising youth or the slightly older, engaged or occupied individual. The procedure is for those who love to love their skin and would go beyond the mile to get that healthy glow, moreover at a nominal price.

We provide at Dr Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic (Veya Aesthetics), a US-FDA approved version of the laser toning process, via the Q switched Nd YAG laser for your gorgeous skin. If you feel like getting more details about the laser toning process, drop us an email to or call us at 011-46413705,011-46413714

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