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Laser Toning

Laser Toning is a safe, gentle, and effective treatment for many types of pigmented lesions. This is a non-ablative procedure, which means it does not harm or cause damage to the skin. This treatment is unique because it treats pigmentation deep within the skin, as well as on the surface.
This treatment works by targeting laser on the affected area of the skin. The Laser light energy targets the melanin in the deep skin layers. The unwanted pigment is then destroyed, thus removing or lightening the lesion. The deep dermis layer of the skin is stimulated to produce natural collagen and other vital proteins that make up healthy, youthful skin.
The procedure may cause mild discomfort, and you can feel a warm and gentle prickly sensation as the laser beam touches your skin surface. After the treatment, there might be some redness which fades away after a few hours. It is usually performed in about 15 minutes, and you can expect to return to normal activities after, while taking recommended precautions to protect your skin from sun exposure.
While some results may be visible a few days after the first treatment, a series of treatments are required to obtain the maximum benefits of Laser toning. Depending on your skin condition and goals, you may require 3 to 6 treatments. During your visit, our doctors will assess your skin condition, and discuss the optimal number of treatments and treatment interval with you.

1. Q-switched NdYAG laser works by breaking down the dark pigment of your skin into smaller particles, and thereby aiding the normal metabolism of the skin to ‘flush out’ the undesirable darker skin particles. No chemicals are used during this process, and hence it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin and has no down time. You can immediately get back to your regular activities after a laser toning session. This can be combined with other treatments for best results.

2. Fraxis Duo

Source: ICG International Cosmetic Group