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Fungal Infections

Fungal Infection Treatment in Delhi

Best Fungal Infection Treatment in Delhi

“We are going through an epidemic of fungal infections in the current scenario and even people maintaining high levels of hygiene are ending up with these infections”, says Dr Rajat Kandhari. The primary cause for this scenario is high levels of migrant population and emerging and stronger strains of the fungus along with increasing resistance to anti fungals due to unsupervised usage of these drugs. Fungal infections of the skin maybe commonly divided into:

Superficial dermatophytosis (The common ring worm) – Typically occurring in the groin area, the foot, on the body or areas of occlusion and rarely even the face, scalp etc. These infections are reddish and round with a distinct border and highly itchy. Others in the family may end up having the same infection. Another form of these infections occur in the nail and are characterized by discolored, crumbly nails which are more common in people who go for free.

Candidal infections or yeast infections – These infections occur commonly in the genital area and / or the mouth. They present with redness and small, pus filled lesions or “cuts”. Common in diabetics, post antibiotics and old age.

Fungal infections of the nail – These infections are common particularly in individuals getting frequents manicures and pedicures, due to damage to the cuticle. They present with discolored, thickened and crumbly nails. Fungal infections are completely treatable with medical treatment and require a consult with a dermatologist for the right course of action.


He is the most honest and friendly doctor I have met so far which I believe is very important aspect in understanding the issue. And he is great at what he does.

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Shivangi Gupta

Dr. Rajat Khandari is an excellent doctor. He is quite patient in explaining the problem to the patient. Staff is very polite. Overall a good experience.

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Kanika Sharma

Best Dermatology office I have ever been to. The office is very clean and simple. A very calming environment to enter into. I saw dr Rajat Kandhari. He was very efficient and knowledgeable. He made me feel very comfortable during my procedure. Time management and professionalism is very important to me. Dr Kandhari excelled in both. He does magic to your face. I highly recommend going to him. I will definitely be back for my future dermatology needs.

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Sultan Khan

Dr Rajat is very polite and patient doctor.. He understood my concerns and the course of treatment prescribed was brilliant.. I am a happy patient

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Sonia Nagpal

Dr. Rajat Kandhari is very caring and helpful person.He recommended me the best and advised proper medical treatment. I am glad that i meet Dr Rajat. Thank you so much Dr. Rajat for your advice and care.

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Pooja Kumari

I have been coming to Dr Rajat for more than a year for myself and my son. Everytime From the time I walked into the doctor’s office I am greeted with the smiles by his staff members. They are all very polite and very helpful. Dr. Rajat always to listen to my health needs before answering the questions I have. His recomendation has always works for me This is the best experience I have had in a doctor’s office

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Suveen Anand

Dr. Rajat is the best doctor. He is very polite and calm. He advised me the best medical treatment. May God give him a lot of success in his life.

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Sweety Saroha

This is our 4th visit and Dr. Rajat Kandhari is very professional and excellent with his patients. He’s one of the best dermatologist in Delhi. We are very happy and with his treatments we have had good results. Nice atmosphere in the clinic along with good and helpful staff. Wish him all the best.

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Arun Handa

Very polite person, treatment procedure and medication are explained in depth. The time and attention to the patient is given with patience n warmth. Would recommend to all.

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Mudrit Sood

Dr. Rajat recommended treatment is very effective.He will treat your skin disorder in a vary effective way. For long and difficult skin problems, the concern must meet Dr. Rajat.

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Varun Chouhan