Dermaroller or Microneedling

Microneedling is a simple, effective and reasonable technique wherein a dermaroller (Fig.1) is utilized essentially to induce collagen stimulation in the underlying skin or scalp for the following treatments:

a) Acne scars – The dermaroller is most commonly used for improvement of acne scars, particularly in individuals who have shallow scars. Microneedling may also be utilized in between laser techniques for those with severe scarring or in order to decrease the cost of the laser treatment. Moreover, it may be utilized for maintenance in order to constantly give a stimulation to the skin so that the scars continue the remodeling process post fractional laser treatment.

b) Skin rejuvenation – As stated above microneedling induces collagen stimulation so clearly it would help in imparting firmness and improved texture to the skin and if used with appropriate topical products a certain radiance and tightness is also achieved.

c) Patterned hair loss – Microneedling is employed as an add on procedure for patterned hair fall, wherein it may be used with platelet rich plasma or to stimulate hair growth while using medical treatment.

d) Superficial needling for improved texture of the skin, which is typically combined with Vitamin C or other cocktail of vitamins used simultaneously for better penetration and improved skin tone and texture.

e) Open pores – Microneedling helps to improve pore size, although it is best combined with fractional lasers or microneedling fractional radiofrequency (MNRF) technology for best outcomes.

f) Stretch marks – Microneedling can be used to improve the size and texture of stretch marks. It may be combined with MNRF for the best outcomes.

Is the procedure safe? When can I resume work?
The procedure is safe and is done after topical anaesthetic application prior to the procedure.
Post procedure redness and mild swelling is expected and may last for 2-5 days. The patient may experience a “rough texture” of the skin during the post procedure period but all these effects settle within a span of a week.
Post procedure sunscreens and topical application of appropriate medication is recommended for optimal outcomes.