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Laser Hair Reduction can be your best beauty investment
Laser Hair Reduction can be your best beauty investment

Laser Hair Reduction can be your best beauty investment

The presence of body hair is natural, but to match today’s beauty standards all of us are struggling with the removal of unwanted hair. The presence of hair on visible body parts makes us look unappealing and our constant tussle with waxing, shaving and plucking are never ending. Thanks to the advent and advancement of Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) we know have a long term and relatively painless solution to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Until a decade ago, people were apprehensive about getting any sort of laser treatments due to its so called “side effects”, but today laser hair reduction has become a sensible convenience.

* It is a non-invasive treatment.
* It is not painful like other hair removal techniques.
* It is a quick treatment.
* It has no downtime.
* Leads to thinner and finer hair and NOT thicker hair like waxing or plucking
* It saves you from weekly/fortnightly salon sessions.
* It is long lasting.

Laser Hair Reduction has gained popularity because of its effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience to get rid of unsolicited body hair on a permanent basis. Few things which one should know prior to getting into the LHR process

A. Not all hair responds the same way – Thick hair actually responds better than thinner hair.
B. You need to shave prior to LHR – but it does not mean you will get thick , stubble like growth – the idea is to thin the hair down, further if there is no hair in the follicle the laser won’t be able to target it. (waxing, plucking etc. will remove the hair from the follicle, whereas shaving will not)
C. Hormonal issues and LHR – Individuals with very fine hair, darker skin tones and underlying hormonal issues (PCOD) may have a tougher time getting rid of there hair in certain areas(in other words need more sessions or at more frequent intervals), but they do respond and now there is technology available to tackle the same.
D. “My friend got rid of her hair but i still have it?” – The hair typically thins down over the first few sessions (6-8) after which maintenance sessions may be required. The hair density and visibility substantially decrease. Different individuals may respond differently to treatment, i.e while someone may not need sessions for many months after her 6th or 7th session, but others may need it every few months. There is unfortunately no way to predict this, but the endeavour is to give the best possible outcome. It is believed genetic and ethnic factors may have a role to play in these cases. Setting of parameters by a certified dermatologist is crucial in such circumstances, for optimal outcomes.
E. Not all body parts respond in the same manner – Certain parts of the body such as the underarms and the legs respond better than the upper lip or the the jawline.

And now if you’re thinking about laser hair reduction, you should first know why it’s worth giving a shot!

The desire for hair-free skin
Women (and even men) invest a fair amount of of time in their daily beauty rituals. In case of women the constant battle with unruly hair on the legs for instance is an example, wherein you have to shave / wax almost every few weeks or once in a month but the hair grows back fast and thicker over time. Further you may end up with “marks” which you really did not ask for. It is impossible to keep the smooth and hair-free skin for long.
If you compare regular shaving or waxing with LHR, here’s the actual lowdown on it:

  • You have to buy new razors or pay for your frequent waxing sessions. Comparing this with LHR your initial treatment cost maybe there but this decreases substantially over time.
  • LHR gives you MUCH longer hair free periods
  • LHR is Almost painless in most areas.
  • Decreased growth and thinner hair over time – Further there is decreased visibility of the hair, smoother skin and no marks to deal with.
  • Lesser ingrown hair which are a real nuisance.

No pain, only gain
The reason women choose waxing over shaving is that it removes hair from the root and keeps them away for longer in comparison, but it is a very painful experience. So, you will be pleased to know that laser hair reduction treatment doesn’t hurt (or hurts very minimally, depending upon the patient’s pain threshold). It is an ideal and less painful way than waxing to get rid of undesirable hair. All you would feel is a sensation similar to an ant’s bite. Your dermatologist would use a numbing cream before the procedure which means you’ll have minimum discomfort.

It is a lunch-time procedure
The treatment of laser hair reduction is a get-in-get-out kind of session. Who doesn’t want to undergo the treatments like this? Laser hair reduction treatment takes less time, however if a large area like back or legs need to be treated, it will take a little longer. Although you wouldn’t need to spend hours on shaving or waxing. So, yes, you can save time with laser hair reduction.

It’s an investment that pays off well in return
If you do the maths (literally), you would realize that laser treatment is actually more economic than shaving or waxing. Try calculating how much you spend on your weekly or monthly sessions of waxing and threading? Earlier, laser hair reduction treatment was considered an expensive treatment but it is one of the most common dermatologic procedures and is much more affordable. It is no more a thing that digs a hole in your pocket. Further with time your sessions will only DECREASE and so will your hair, whereas in waxing / shaving / plucking your sessions may INCREASE and so will your hair and your marks.

Along with the countless list of advantages what you need to know is that the procedure of Laser hair reduction should be carried out only under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist/aesthetician to avoid any unnecessary health risks. If you wish to gather more information about the treatment or book an appointment feel free to reach out to us at

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